Contour Elite Adjustable Base

The Contour Adjustable Base paired with any iSense Sleep mattress creates the ultimate sleep system. You'll enjoy complete Comfort Control with your mattress and with the flexibility of an active motion base. Using proprietary extension deck technology, the shape of the mattress is optimized for naturally conforming to your desired elevated position. The Contour Adjustable Base by ErgoMotion features:

  • Individual controls to raise or lower the head and foot
  • 3 cycle massage for head only, foot only or both
  • One-touch Zero-G setting for relieving back pressure
  • One-touch flat preset
  • 2 customizable preset positions
  • Under-bed lighting

Maximize Comfort Control with the Contour Adjustable Base.


Bluetooth Connectivity to the iSense Sleep App

for Comfort Control on Each Side of Your Bed.

Our premium mattresses can be as plush or as firm as you want at any time because you control the comfort.

iSense Sleep Spring

The mattress you'll love if you prefer a little bounce.

  • World’s first spring mattress with on-demand digital comfort adjustment
  • Patented Varicoil™ technology maximizes plush and firm variability
  • Luxurious feel, premium fabrics and precision construction
  • Individually wrapped premium coils for maximum comfort and durability
  • High-density and premium Energex foam for additional support

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iSense Sleep Foam

The mattress you’ll love if you prefer the feeling of a big hug.

  • World’s first foam mattress with on-demand digital comfort adjustment
  • Patented Varifoam™ technology that maximizes plush and firm variability
  • Hugging feeling with premium soft fabric covering
  • ThermaPhase™ temperature regulating gel-infused memory foam
  • Designed to reduce motion transfer and to maximize air flow

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iSense Sleep Air

The mattress you’ll love if you prefer the original air surface.

  • The original air chamber mattress with on-demand digital comfort adjustment
  • Resilient air chambers provide a wide range of comfort levels
  • Quality Viscoelastic foam construction with reinforced edge support
  • Cool, breathable smooth top fabric and contouring support components
  • Heat absorbing foam with distributed cooling technology

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