Frequently Asked Questions

Exceptional Comfort Deserves Exceptional Customer Service.
If you’re an iSense Sleeper or thinking about becoming one, you’ll be extra comfortable knowing that we don’t pay lip service to customer service. At iSense Sleep, we have Comfort Control™ Specialists standing by to help you with questions you may have about our innovative beds, installation, delivery, warranty or technical issues. Basically, whatever you need, we’re here for you.

For a fast response on email or a call back, fill out our Service Request form. You’ll hear from a Comfort Control™ Specialists within 1 business day.

  • General iSense Sleep Questions
    • What are the benefits of an adjustable mattress?
    • An iSense Sleep mattress allows each sleeper the ability to adjust their mattress to find the right level of comfort. Not only on their side, but their partner’s side as well. There’s no need to compromise on just one type of mattress anymore. You are able to adjust the comfort level of your iSense Sleep mattress as your needs change to ensure a restful sleep. For example, you might like a little extra softness after a tough workout, or a slightly firmer mattress following a back injury or weight loss. The choice is finally yours.
    • Will I notice an improvement in my sleep after purchase?
    • If you have been sleeping on an older, out-of-date mattress, your body has adjusted itself to rest in an uncomfortable way. Because you have made the investment in an iSense Sleep mattress, you are finally able to allow your body to adjust itself back to a position which will be aligned with a restful night sleep. Keep in mind—it often takes a few weeks for you and your new iSense Sleep mattress to get used to each other. We recommend that you try a setting for a few nights before changing to a different setting so you are able to give your body time to adjust. We believe you will definitely see an improvement in your sleep, but if you don’t, please contact an iSense Sleep comfort consultant who will be able to provide you assistance with adjusting your iSense Sleep mattress.
    • How is an iSense Sleep mattress different than my current mattress?
    • The mattress you are sleeping on now may not allow you to change the firmness or softness. What works for you this week might not work for you next. With an iSense Sleep mattress, you still have the option to choose the material of air, foam, or spring, but it is our technology which separates us. Your iSense Sleep mattress offers unique support, tailored to you. As you control your comfort and find your ideal setting, you will feel the mattress contouring to your body shape, reducing pressure points and providing support where you need it.
    • What mattress sizes are available to purchase?
    • iSense Sleep mattresses are available in the following sizes: Queen, King, California King, and Flexhead King.
    • What exactly can you adjust on the mattress?
    • With the iSense Sleep mattress, you can adjust the firmness on each side of the bed by using the iSense Sleep app or wired remote. A few simple adjustments can make it softer or firmer for a good night’s sleep. No need to call someone to assist you each time you need to make an adjustment for your comfort. This is comfort in which you control.
    • Are you sharing my sleep data all over the world?
    • Unless you share this information with an iSense Sleep Comfort Consultant, we will not be monitoring and/or access your sleep data in the app.
    • Does the app work on any phone?
    • iSense Sleep app is compatible with smart phones on iOS 7 or later and Andriod 4.3 or later as well as Bluetooth 7.0.
    • Can I buy the mattress, base and sleep tracking separately?
    • Yes, each element of the iSense Sleep system – mattress, adjustable base and RestOn sleep tracking device – is available separately.
  • iSense Sleep SMART Tracker 
    • Why should I care about tracking my sleep?
    • Have you ever woke up in the morning and thought, “I hardly slept last night”? Do you ever wonder why? Some sleep trackers only allow you to understand how restless your body might be during a night’s sleep, but in the case of an iSense Sleep tracker, it monitors everything from your heart rate, breathing rate, and the depth of our REM cycles. By using an iSense Sleep tracker, you can identify the factors that impact the quality of your sleep and use this information to control your comfort with your iSense Sleep mattress
    • I already track my sleep with a wearable. Why would I need to use another tracker?
    • Wearables are great for monitoring your daily activity when you are awake, but there are key differences of what they are not tracking when you are sleeping. With the iSense Sleep Reston tracker, we monitor everything from your body movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, and your overall sleep cycle. In addition, the app provides sleeping tips and music playlists to help your mind rest for the evening.
    • Does the tracker attach to bed? Will it cause permeant damage to my mattress?
    • The iSense Sleep RestOn tracker lays on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet. The 2-foot long medical-grade sensor fits inside a less than 2mm thin belt and should be placed right under your chest area during sleep. It works on any mattress type including foam, spring, and air.
    • I left my house this morning and forgot to hit “GET UP”! Is my sleep data going to be wrong?
    • Even with a good night’s sleep, we can be forgetful in the morning. In case you do happen to forget to stop tracking in the morning, the tracker will recognize that it is not able to track your movement so it will stop tracking typically after an hour.
    • How often do I have to charge the tracker?
    • If you fully charge your tracker upon receiving it, the tracker should stay fully charged for three weeks. You are able to check your battery level in the app under Device>RestOn>Battery. Make sure you charge your tracker with the USB cord provided. While you can charge via USB on a computer, the best option would be to charge via wall plug in. While charging, the tracker will have a red light showing. The charging process should last around two hours.
    • Why is the iSense Sleep app not recording my sleep data?
    • iSense Sleep RestOn tracker is compatible with smart phones on iOS 7 or later and Andriod 4.3 or later as well as Bluetooth 7.0. Please make sure your connection between the device and the phone is working well. If it still fails to generate a sleep report, please make sure your iSense Sleep app are both updated to newest version. Also, please try to restart the iSense Sleep app, connect the device via Bluetooth, and check to see if you can access the data.
    • Do I have to sync my phone daily with the tracker?
    • The iSense Sleep RestOn Tracker will store data for up to 6 months without syncing to your phone. In case you find yourself without your phone for a while, your data will store to the tracker. When you get access to your phone, make sure you sync so you understand your sleeping patterns.
    • What does my iSense Sleep score actually mean?
    • Every night, you will get an iSense Sleep score to rate your night’s sleep. Typically, the higher your score, the more well rested you will be for your day. You start out with a sleep number of 100, from there it is reduced for factors which resulted in a restless night sleep. If you click on your sleep score when in the app, you will see suggestions to increase your sleep score such as going to bed too late or waking up too often.
    • How does the tracker pick up my sleeping information and not my partners?
    • The iSense Sleep RestOn tracker is designed to remain accurate when there are 2 people in bed; our patented algorithm assures this feature.  While this may be the case, to ensure proper sleep data, you will want to use the tracker property on one’s side instead of 2 people using the tracker.

  • iSense Sleep SMART Pillow
    • How is this pillow adjustable?
    • The accessible inner pocket contains the cross cut memory foam fill that can be removed or added back at any time so you can control your comfort by adjusting your pillow height. Just unzip the inner pocket and make your pillow as lofty or as flat as you like. If removing your memory foam, store the foam a plastic bag in case you need to increase your pillow height. Use your sleep tracking data to optimize your pillow height so you an improve your sleep quality.
      • Do I have to purchase extra foam to make my pillow full?
      • Your iSense Sleep SMART Pillow is delivered at full capacity so there is no need to purchase additional foam.
      • I already track my sleep with a wearable. Why would I need a sleep tracker in my pillow?
      • Wearables are great for monitoring your daily activity when you are awake, but there are key differences for tracking sleep activity. The iSense Sleep SMART Pillow is specially designed for monitoring key metrics while asleep including body movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, and your overall sleep cycle. The Bluetooth connected Sleepace app provides sleep tips for enhancing sleep health.
      • Do I have to turn on the tracker every night when I go to bed?
      • Through the main control of the Sleepace app, you are able to set your tracker to automatically track nightly based on a specific time. If you do not want to set up auto start, you will have to manually start tracking in the app by selecting “Start Sleep.”
      • I left my house this morning and forgot to hit “GET UP”! Is my sleep data going to be wrong?
      • In case you forget to stop tracking when you wake up, the tracker will recognize that you are out of bed and will stop tracking typically after an hour of no movement. When you stop tracking by indicating “Get Up” you can immediately see your sleep data from the night before. If you felt like you got a great night’s sleep, now you can see why!
      • How often do I have to take out the tracker out of the pillow? 
      • Your tracker will generally stay fully charged for three weeks. Charge your tracker with the USB cord that was provided. via any electrical outlet. A red indicator light will let you know your tracker is charging. It takes approximately two hours to obtain a full charge.
      • Why is the Sleepace app not recording my sleep data?
      • Check the Bluetooth connection on phone or tablet and make sure Bluetooth is enabled and make sure your Sleepace app is updated to the latest version. If you still cannot record your sleep data, restart the Sleepace app. The iSense Sleep SMART tracker is compatible with smart phones on iOS 7 or later and Android 4.3 or later and Bluetooth 7.0.
      • Do I have to sync my phone daily with the tracker?
      • The iSense Sleep SMART Tracker by Sleepace will store data for up to 6 months without syncing to your phone. It is best to sync your sleep data so you can track your sleeping patterns.
      • Should I track my naps?
      • You can opt in to tracking your nap but we would encourage you to focus on your sleep metrics so you can improve your sleep at night, thus lessening the need for napping.
      • When I wake up during the night, why am I am not able to access my current sleep data?
      • Your nightly report is not generated until you are done sleeping. You can stop tracking during the evening, but we encourage you to allow your sleep tracker to accurately track a full night of sleep. Check your app to determine why you might be waking up. See if your heart rate is increasing right before you awake or if your movements are waking you up.
      • I am a light sleeper. Am I going to feel the tracker in my pillow?
      • We have yet to hear of someone being woken up during the night due to “feeling the tracker” as the inner pocket that holds the tracking technology is specially designed so it cannot be felt and does not interrupt your sleep. If you believe you are feeling the tracker, make sure the cross-cut foam fill is evenly distributed across the pillow.
      • What does my iSense Sleep score mean?
      • Your iSense Sleep Tracker provides you a nightly sleep quality score. Typically, the higher your score, the more well rested you will be for your day and the greater your sleep quality. Tap your sleep score on the app and you will see suggestions for improving your sleep score.
    • Ergomotion Contour Elite Platinum Base
      • Do I have to reset my sleep preference every night on the base?
      • The Ergomotion Contour offers two programmable presets so you can store your perfect sleeping position and your favorite way to lounge. With a touch of a button, an Ergomotion adjustable bed base can transform your room to fit your work, rest or relaxation needs. Please see your manual on how to set up.
      • What are the health benefits of elevating your head or your feet when sleeping?
      • By adjusting either your head or your feet or even both, you are allowing your body to have a better night sleep. These slight modifications help reduce snoring and relive joint pain.
      • Why would I use the Zero G function on my bed?
      • With one touch, your legs are slightly raised above the head to promote circulation and relieve pressure off the lower back. It is named “Zero G” as your positing is mimicking the posture astronauts assume during take-off. With a simple push of a button, you can feel weightlessness which increases blood flow in your body. This results in less waking, tossing, and turning for you.
      • My partner’s snoring keeps me up at night. Are you saying that this base can make a difference?
      • Snoring loud enough to wake you or your partner dramatically affects your sleep quality, leading to irritability and headaches during the day. The Ergomotion Contour offers a pre-programmed anti-snore position to open your lungs and airway, resulting in calmer, deeper breathing.
      • Is there a limit on how often or how long to use the massage feature on my base?
      • It is best to limit the massage feature to 30 minutes and then allow a 30-minute rest prior to restarting. The message motors are not designed to operate more than 30 minutes at a time. Overuse of the massage motors may void the warranty of your base.
      • I have an elderly family member. Would this bed be able to be used as a hospital bed?
      • Ergomotion adjustable bed bases are designed solely for in-home use. This base was not designed as a hospital bed and is not designed to meet hospital standards. Do not use this base with TENT TYPE oxygen therapy equipment or near flammable gases.
      • Is there a weight limit for Ergomotion bases?
      • This product is not rated to support weights in excess of 850 pounds inclusive of the mattress and bedding. The base will structurally support this weight, provided it is evenly distributed across the bed base. The adjustable base is not designed to support or lift this amount in the head or foot sections alone. Exceeding this weight restriction could damage the bed and/or cause injury and will void the warranty.
      • Are there additional leg options for my Ergomotion base?
      • Yes. We currently offer a variety of black powder coated and stainless-steel legs*. We also offer 3", 5" and 9" casters. Headboard brackets are NOT compatible with 2" legs. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance.
      • Can I attach my headboard to my Ergomotion base?
      • Yes. There are headboard brackets made specific for each Ergomotion model. Please call a Ergomotion Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-Ergo (3746).
      • How can I order replacement parts under warranty?
      • All warranty claims are processed by Ergomotion Customer Service. In order to start your claim, please call a representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) or via email at Please have your bed base serial number (located on your warranty card, owner's manual, and the metal frame for your convenience) and proof of purchase readily available for assistance.
    • The Company
      • I have a great idea for iSenseSleep, who do I tell?
      • If you have an idea for iSense Sleep, that must mean your sleep is already improving.  With a good night’s sleep, we tend to come up with great ideas.  If you have an idea and/or suggestion, please email us at  
    • 100% Comfort Guarantee
      • What is the 120-night risk free trial policy?
      • We believe a full 120 nights is needed for your body to adjust to its new sleep support system. Please contact us if during any part of the 120-night risk free trial you are not completely satisfied with the overall comfort. You must sleep on the bed for at least 45 nights to qualify. iSense Sleep will honor our 120-night comfort exchange policy. We will do our best to supply you with the best night sleep you can receive. On rare occasions, sometimes the air chambers functionality isn’t enough, our comfort exchange policy allows for you to exchange components of your mattress to help accommodate for a more plush or firm feeling. We will even exchange your recently purchased mattress for one of equal value. Your trial date starts on the date you receive your mattress.
    • Shipping and Order Status
      • Will you deliver and set up my new iSenseSleep mattress?
      • With your purchase of your new iSense Sleep mattress, you have the option to purchase White Glove Delivery, which allows for not only for your new mattress to be brought into your home and set up, but removal of your old mattress.

    Bluetooth Connectivity to the iSense Sleep App

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    • ThermaPhase™ temperature regulating gel-infused memory foam
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