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Tired Of Sleepless Nights?

Sleeping poorly? Your pillow could be to blame.

At iSense Sleep, we believe that everyone deserves to get the sleep they need, and the pillow quality they deserve. Waking up with stiffness or neck and back pain can seriously affect your day-to-day life. That’s why we engineered ultra-comfortable, easily-adjustable pillows that are made to conform to your sleeping positions and preferences.

If you are tired waking up with pain, iSense Sleep’s Classic and SMART pillows are perfect for you. Our current sale means that for a limited time, you can sleep better and wake up pain-free for less!

Take 10% Off With Coupon "PILLOW10"​

Take 10% Off With Coupon "PILLOW10"​

Sleep Better, Guaranteed​

Purchase confidently with our Comfort Promise. ​

Do you need a pillow that can help you combat your sleep insomnia? Does your neck need additional support? Sometimes even the slightest adjustment can directly impact your sleep quality. When you buy an iSense Sleep Pillow, you have complete control.

Adjust your pillow’s loft and firmness in a matter of seconds. Our fiber spun, memory foam-based pillows make it easy for you to make adjustments, all while ensuring your iSense Sleep pillow is void of lumps and clumps. If you’re worried about making the investment, don’t be. We provide fast and free shipping, a 36-month limited warranty, and a 120 night Comfort Promise. Get used to nightly luxury at a reduced price!  

Pillow Problems?​

Not with iSense Sleep.​

Our pillows were created to eradicate common issues other pillow brands don’t consider.

Tired of stiff, hot, uncomfortable pillows? Meet the solution.

Comfortable Pillow Feel: Zippable outer cover with a low-profile track and tab to ensure easy height adjustment.

Advanced Cooling Pillow Technology: Our memory foam, gel-infused, aqua fiber lining wicks away moisture all night long.

Supportive, Structured Pillow Filling: Patented precision cross-cut fill offers superior support.

Sleep Soundly, Naturally

Eradicating sleep issues is simple.

If you are waking up with pain, or are having trouble sleeping due to insomnia or sleep apnea, you have probably tried other pillows in your search to find a solution.

Our pillows provide the support individuals with sleep apnea and chronic snoring need, the comfort insomniacs require, and the adjustability neck and back pains sufferers deserve. Best of all, our pillows are made of hypoallergenic material, free of any harmful chemicals.

How does it work?


Your pillow arrives snugly sealed. To break the vacuum seal, remove the rolled pillow from its packaging.



Fluffing your pillow can adjust the loft more rapidly. Although you can sleep on your pillow during the first night, it can take up to three days to conform.


Adjusting our SMART and Classic Pillows is easy! Unzip the external and internal sections and remove fill accordingly. Our helpful carry bag allows you to store the filling in case you need to make further adjustments.


Easy Does It

Adjustment has never been more simple.

Having a pillow that suits your sleeping positions and preferences should be a standard part of your nightly routine. Pain-free sleep should be a given. You don’t need four pillows, you need one intuitively-designed pillow that offers dynamic comfort.

Your New One And Only

Giving support system a whole new meaning.

We firmly believe that your pillow should not pancake back to flatness. You should not have to buy pillow after pillow in an effort to align your spine and ease your neck pain. Our pillows are adjustable and filled with patented filling to ensure that you get the best sleep of your life, night after night.

Seamless, Stable, Softness

Every dreamer deserves superior comfort.

Like what you see? Feel free to sleep on it. Our 120 night Comfort Promise lets you purchase with confidence. We know you’ll love the cooling, moisture-resistant, breathable, silky comfort of our pillows. Lay your head down and rest easy knowing you’ve made a smart purchase.

How does it work?

CertiPUR-US Certified

Our pillow is void of harmful chemicals.

Foam supplier is Healthcare Co., Ltd.



Dust mite and mold resistant.

Created with non-allergenic materials.

Machine Washable

Remove the cover of our Classic pillow before to machine washing or drying.

*SMART Pillow upgrade is Spot Clean only.


There's No Competition

Head and shoulders above the rest.

We have designed our Classic and SMART pillows with complex sleep issues in mind. From sleep apnea, to neck and back pain, our pillows lead the pack in terms of comfort, adjustability, cooling and more!

Want to see how we stack up? View the graphic below.

Upgrade to our SMART Pillow

Master your sleep cycle.

Sleep Smarter, Faster

Make the SMART decision and upgrade.

Want data-driven information on your sleep cycle on your phone? Our SMART pillows offer intuitive and insightful metrics delivered directly to your phone through our hassle-free app. iSense Sleep has developed the technology needed to track your sleep.


Seamless Sleep Scores:

Our app offers a thorough analysis of your sleep patterns, your movement, and even evaluates your overall sleep score.

Marked Progress:

Receive sleep tips and tricks created just for you. Learn how to get the quality sleep you have been craving.

Health Highlights:

Our app offers respiratory and heart rate information to help you understand what health issues might be affecting your sleep patterns.

The smart pillow technology is unbelievable.

Jesse J

Great company and amazing product and app! You will never sleep better. I suffer from insomnia, random anxiety, and nerve pain (back, leg) and in the several weeks since I have been using this pillow I have found it to be therapeutic in ways I never could have expected. Not only is it comfortable and supportive unlike any other pillow I own (I have like six random pillows of various firmness I've tried) the sleep monitoring software provided with the app is making all the difference.

Very best pillow


This is the very best pillow that I have ever slept on. I have sold mattresses and pillows myself for over 20 years, and I never had a pillow that could combine both the comfort level and technology level that this pillow offers. It is delivered in a beautifully packaged box with a tremendous amount of information on the box itself. One has the capability of reducing the loft in the pillow by removing precut pieces of cool memory foam so you can get an exact fitting for you specifically. You will be able to determine how long you slept, what % of your sleep was in the deep REM stage of sleep. Your breathing rate, your heart rate, how many times you turned. This pillow is AMAZING. I sold pillows that cost more than this one did, and there is absolutely no comparison between those pillows that just laid there doing nothing, to this pillow that tells you everything. This is the very best pillow on the market today, period

Adjustable for perfect firmness

Anthony C

This SMART pillow is incredibly comfortable and well worth the money. You can adjust it to the perfect firmness, and the pillow maintains its shape throughout the night. The pillow stays cool and dry too. Whether you use the technology or not, I highly recommend this product. You'll never have to fight with your pillow again. Thank you for designing this!

No pain since using this pillow

Jeff L

I've had continuous problems with neck and shoulder pain with other pillows. Had to constantly fluff or switch out. No pain since using this pillow. Very happy.

This pillow changed my life

Becky B

I won the pillow in a contest, and I can honestly say it's the most amazing pillow ever! I thought it would eventually get to be "meh," as all amazing things do, but not this! It's just as great now as it was the day I got it, several months ago! I sleep cool as a cucumber, comfortable, with less migraines, neck pain & fibro flare-ups! I can honestly say that this has truly changed my life, because it's changed my sleep! You will not regret spending the money, especially since it's completely adjustable to fit your body and sleeping habits.

New momma's key to a good night sleep

Kristen M

As a new mom I purchased the iSense Sleep pillow hoping to get some more productive sleep. Since syncing the pillow to my phone I've been able to track how much real sleep I've gotten, my tossing and turning, and how little I typically depend in a deep sleep each night (only 20%). I'm still familiarizing myself with some of the features but what I know is that this pillow is seriously comfy, stays cool and the perfect amount of cushion. I enjoy the waves noise, but haven't used any of the sound effects to sleep to yet. Overall, I'm a fan.

Pillow is always cool


The outer layer of the pillow is filled with cooling gel beads so it never gets hot and I'm constantly checking it to see if its still cool. Always is! And none of that stuff is even why the pillow is smart.It also comes with a sleep tracker that fits in a pocket inside the pillow and connects to your phone. Its similar to sleeping with a fitbit, but the charge lasts for 2 weeks and you dont have to have it attached to your wrist all night. There is so much you can do with this app it provides weekly sleep reports with feedback and tips, it has a soothing alarm you can set and sleep aid music, like white noise. Pretty cool!

Amazing pillow!


I absolutely love this pillow, and I have tried them all! I haven’t slept better in a long time! I highly recommend everyone to get this pillow ASAP!!!

One Pillow Does It All


In 25 years of marriage, my wife and I have always slept on multiple pillows, stacking and arranging them to find the right height and comfort for each of us. I'm a bigger guy and tend to sleep on my side while my wife sleeps mostly on her stomach. We originally purchased our SMART pillows because I was living with some chronic pain issues and was not sleeping well - which ultimately led to both of us lacking the rest we needed. We figured that if our sleep could be measured over time, we had the opportunity to make changes in our lifestyle that would ultimately lead to improved sleep and health - much in the same way that weighing ourselves on the bathroom scale regularly assisted with diet and exercise goals. When the SMART pillows first arrived, I was skeptical that a single pillow would meet our comfort needs, but after the first night I realized I was wrong. My wife removed some of foam pieces to lower her pillow's height profile and it fit her perfectly, while my pillow was at a comfortable height right out of the box. The cooling features of the pillow are REAL - we sleep throughout the night instead of searching for the "cool side of the pillow" like we did with our old ones. Each morning we wake up to the alarm on the app and immediately review our sleep score data, which is easy and intuitive to understand. Without a doubt, these are the best pillows we've ever owned and we'll be giving them as Christmas gifts to our sons this year.