The bed you buy today
can only be judged tomorrow.

The way we lay on a bed in a store isn't the way we sleep on it. We designed our beds for the way real people sleep.

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Dual Zone Comfort Control

Having independent control of your side of the bed is what separates a good bed from a great bed. We perfected the technology and placed it in our revolutionary Spring, Foam, and Air surfaces.

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A Revolutionary VR Mattress Tour

Remove the mystery. Take a virtual tour through the innovative technology and comfort layers that create our mattresses.

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Rigid when awake.
Relaxed when asleep.

When we try a bed in a mattress store, we're awake.
Our muscles are actively providing support and balance for our bodies. When we go to sleep, our muscles relax, causing how we lay on the mattress to change. (Kind of like the difference between uncooked and cooked spaghe....)

Add to that natural movement through the night and an infinite amount of preferred sleep positions, and it begins to make sense why a bed that felt great in the store just doesn't feel the same once you get it home.

Dual Zone Controls

Adjust firmness without disturbing your partner

What are the benefits of each mattress type?

Amazing Bed. Amazing Base.

Contour™ Adjustable Bases

- Independent Controls - 3 Cycle Massage - One Touch Zero G Setting

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Ultimate bed, meet the ultimate pillow.

Fully adjustable. Built-in Sleep Tracking.

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