We’re here to solve the problems that keep you up at night.

March 23, 2018
by Heather Huffman

No, we can’t help with the TPS Report at the office. (Sorry.) But we can give you control of your bedroom environment so you can make the changes necessary to get a better night’s sleep. We’re a young company founded by a 30-year veteran of the mattress industry. Paul Longman was tired of sitting in call centers, listening to conversations with the people on both ends of the phone equally frustrated by the mattress company’s inability to help when the mattress someone purchased didn’t feel right after it was home. 

See, we purchase beds when we’re awake. It’s not until we sleep on them that our bodies tell us if we picked the right one or not. 

So Paul came up with a solution for that, but he didn’t stop there. He built an entire company on the desire to help you sleep better. 

We have a full array of products carefully designed to optimize your sleep space—at their foundation is the world’s first line of fully adjustable beds. 

Wait, what? Aren’t there beds that do that already, you may ask?

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