March 23, 2018
by Tim Hershberger
We could point you to videos of industry leaders talking about how revolutionary this is. (We have those, if you’re interested.) We could direct you to the interview with our CEO on Modern Living with kathy ireland®. (We have that, too.) We could even show you a video that takes you on a roller coaster ride inside the mattress to explain the technology. (It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.)
But the concept of having control of the firmness of our mattresses is so revolutionary and yet so basic, so maybe you don’t need to see all of that. We have choice in just about every other aspect of our lives, why haven’t we demanded this sooner?
We at iSense Sleep think that one day, people will look back on unchanging spring beds the same way we reminisce about bag phones. We’ll chuckle at how cumbersome they were and talk about how far the technology has come. And we’ll wonder how we ever got by before.