Finally Comfort Is Yours To Control.

Meet iSense Sleep, the premium mattress that lets you change your desired level of comfort with the simple touch on the iSense Sleep app. 
Adjustable Mattress Line
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The Last Mattress

You’ll Ever Need To Shop For

Revolutionary Comfort Control™ technology eliminates the need to shop around for mattresses ever again. You can make our premium mattresses feel however you like at any time because you control the comfort.

  • Your choice of a spring, foam or air mattress
  • On-demand Comfort Control™ for each side of the bed
  • Adjust from ultra plush to ultra firm or anything in between
  • Bluetooth connectivity to the exclusive iSense Sleep app
  • 100% Comfort Control Promise


Life Changes.

So Should Your Mattress.

Now it can when you’re an iSense Sleeper!

Let’s be real. Your support and comfort needs will constantly change, so why would your mattress sit there night after night? That’s why at iSense Sleep we’ve developed Comfort Control™ technology that allows you to change your mattress from an ultra plush to and ultra firm feel on-demand any time you want. Whether you prefer a spring, foam or air mattress, comfort is yours to control–night after night, month after month, year after year.

iSense Sleepers Believe:

  • No two people are the same and we embrace everyone’s individual mattress preferences.
  • Adjustable Comfort Control is the only way to satisfy your comfort and support needs as life changes and for the life of your mattress.
  • SMART technology and sleep health is an essential part of life.

Bluetooth Connectivity to the iSense Sleep App

for Comfort Control on Each Side of Your Bed.

Our premium mattresses can be as plush or as firm as you want at any time because you control the comfort.

iSense Sleep Spring

The mattress you'll love if you prefer a little bounce.

  • World’s first spring mattress with on-demand digital comfort adjustment
  • Patented Varicoil™ technology maximizes plush and firm variability
  • Luxurious feel, premium fabrics and precision construction
  • Individually wrapped premium coils for maximum comfort and durability
  • High-density and premium Energex foam for additional support

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iSense Sleep Foam

The mattress you’ll love if you prefer the feeling of a big hug.

  • World’s first foam mattress with on-demand digital comfort adjustment
  • Patented Varifoam™ technology that maximizes plush and firm variability
  • Hugging feeling with premium soft fabric covering
  • ThermaPhase™ temperature regulating gel-infused memory foam
  • Designed to reduce motion transfer and to maximize air flow

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iSense Sleep Air

The mattress you’ll love if you prefer the original air surface.

  • The original air chamber mattress with on-demand digital comfort adjustment
  • Resilient air chambers provide a wide range of comfort levels
  • Quality Viscoelastic foam construction with reinforced edge support
  • Cool, breathable smooth top fabric and contouring support components
  • Heat absorbing foam with distributed cooling technology

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Our Comfort Control Promise

We know you’re going to love an iSense Sleep mattress as soon as you lay on it and feel its luxurious quality. We’re so confident about the quality of our mattress and the Comfort Control technology that all of our mattresses come with a 120-day 100% Comfort Control promise.

  • Find your perfect level of comfort using the iSense Sleep app or contact one of our Comfort Control Specialists.
  • If within 120 days you cannot find your correct level of comfort, we will work with you and modify any of the interchangeable comfort components. 
  • If you are still not satisfied within 120 days, choose a replacement product of equal or greater value.

iSense Sleep Spring
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iSense Sleep Foam
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iSense Sleep Air
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Premium Mattress Construction with One Major Difference -

You Can Change Your Level of Comfort Anytime.

Take a peak inside our mattress by clicking the video below. 

Every Revolutionary Comfort Controlled Mattress

Deserves a Revolutionary New Pillow

The iSense Sleep SMART pillow is unlike any pillow you’ve ever slept on. Why? Because of the patented precision cut memory foam that can be removed or added back any time so you can adjust the pillow to the height you like best. Plus, this is a SMART pillow with built-in sleep tracking sensors so you can monitor your sleep performance.

  • Moisture controlled cover that stays cool while you sleep
  • Patented gel-infused removable memory foam for adaptable support
  • Naturally adjust to your preferred sleep position
  • Bluetooth app connectivity to monitor your sleep
  • Track your sleep score to enhance your sleep experience

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